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The Israel Collaborative - Who are we?

The Birth of the Collaborative Model
Several years ago, a small group of physicians, faculty students and alumni from UCLA set up monthly meetings where physicians and businessmen were invited to speak on the day’s relevant and cutting-edge topics and had the opportunity to stay abreast of this ever-changing industry. The word spread about this small but dynamic group, which then grew to include business and community leaders and executives from throughout Southern California. In the Fall of 1999, The Healthcare Collaborative planned the first of numerous successful conferences, symposia and meetings. The purpose was to forge a new open venue stimulating the development of ideas to meet the challenges of 21st Century problems. The topic of the first Conference was on The Impact of the Internet on Healthcare, chosen in part because UCLA was one of the founding institutions of the Internet. The Collaborative Model for 21st Century interactions between a University and its Community was born.

The Evolution of the Collaborative
Shortly thereafter one of the founders of the Healthcare Collaborative, ( broadened the Collaborative Model to incorporate a similar sister organization promoting the interaction of financial professionals. These individuals were Students, Faculty and Alumni of the UCLA Anderson School of Business interested in developing new ties for the general financial, investor and business community of Southern California. This organization of financial professionals, modeled after the Healthcare Collaborative, emerged as the The UCLA Business School Alumni in Venture Capital and Private Equity, or, promoting networking opportunities and the fermentation and distillation of ideas, technologies and processes to generate entrepreneurism, business plans and new companies.

The idea of a Collaborative Model evolved into different disciplines and developed into a successful bridge between academia and the business community; between the innovation and application of ideas and between value creation of human capital and value extraction in the form of intellectual property.

The California Israel Collaborative
These two collaborative models have now been forged together to focus on Israel and its high technology transfer opportunities for innovation. Instead of being based at a single university, the California Israel Collaborative combines social networking assets and technology transfer to encourage partnering between the major Israeli Universities and the California Business and Investment Communities. The Collaborative combines an analysis of emerging trends with the financial community's capability for financing solutions. We strive to harness one of Israel's greatest assets, its capacity for innovation, nurturing it with teachable social and business networking skills, to accelerate the commercialization rate of Israeli technology. We work with the creativity of human capital to produce innovation in the form of Intellectual Assets: programs, processes, methodologies, databases, designs and inventions. These intellectual assets taken together constitute the Intellectual Capital which generates commercializable Intellectual Property.

Our Goal
Our goal is to facilitate production of commercializable Israeli Intellectual Property for Export. We do this by facilitating Dynamic Partnering between American Companies interested in acquiring and in-licensing technology from Israeli universities, incubators and startup companies. This might involve BioPartnering in Life Sciences to Dynamic Partnering in non life science areas, multiplying introductions and matchmaking between business and technology.

Who are our members?
Our mailing list includes over 2,000 individuals including professionals, executives and policymakers representing virtually every segment of various high tech industries and organizations in Southern California. Our membership represents a broad cross-section of professionals working in industry, business and healthcare management (physicians, nurses, lawyers, health plan executives) hospitals, medical groups, consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies and ancillary health care providers, scientists, researchers, as well as non-healthcare engineers and businessmen.

What we do?
The California Israel Collaborative sponsors events here and organizes trade missions to Israel. We invite industry leaders in the private and public sectors to discuss topical issues affecting high technology transfer between California and Israel. Breakfast meetings are held at major convenient locations throughout southern California, televideo conferences are arranged with key speakers in Israel in real time or virtually over the phone and Internet. We also promote major Conferences in Israel like BioMed 2007.

How can you help?
Join the Israel Collaborative. Individual Membership and Corporate sponsorships are available.

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